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Top 10 Highest Paid Models In The World | Highest Paid Fashion Models

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When you think about how much some of them earn you’ll understand that beauty plays a huge role in the world. We live in so here are the highest-paid models in the world.

10. Winnie Harlow 

Winnie Harlow’s net worth three million dollars. Winnie Harlow got famous back in 2014 when she appeared on cycle 21 of America’s next top model the thing that made this woman different from all the rest is her beautiful skin condition called vitiligo. She has definitely captured the whole world even if she didn’t end up coming first and her unique looks made her appearance on the list of the top 10 highest paid models in the world as well as the most successful America’s next top model contestant ever celebrity net worth posts Harlow’s remarkable accomplishments including appearing on the covers of glamour magazine’s Spanish and Italian variations also those of complex ebony and cosmopolitan. she starred in ad campaigns for sprite and Swarovski and was given the title one of BBC’s 100 women in 2016.

9. Kaya Gerber

Kaya Gerber’s net worth 3 million dollars. As the daughter of the famous supermodel, Cindy Crawford modeling runs in kaya Gerber’s family being only 18 years old. She has been in collaborations with brands like marc jacobs Burberry and alexander wang which only makes you amazed by how much kaya Gerber’s net worth is the thing is she’s just getting started can you guys imagine how successful she’ll be. When she grows older Kaia is the youngest daughter of Crawford and entrepreneur randy Gerber she got her first job as a model at 10 years old when she posed for Versace’s junior line. But she got famous in 2018 when she stepped in Calvin Klein’s spring 2018 runway show at new york fashion week when she was 16 years. I almost had to disprove people before I could prove myself you’ve got to erase what people consider you and make yourself human because people have such deep preconceived notions of who you are. She told id magazine in February 2020 regarding the pressure to live up to her supermodel mom well it’s nice that she’s independent.

8. Doutzen Kroes

Newts and crows net worth nine million dollars dudes and crows is a dutch model-actress and once a victoria’s secret angel with a net worth of 35 million dollars. It’s not surprising that dudes on is recognized as one of the most prosperous most supermodels in the world having settled several profitable contracts during her career as some of her fans call her Helen of Troy of advertising as she has collaborated with many well-known brands in the world but only after becoming a victoria’s secret angel did crows rose to prominence after appearing in many lingerie fashions shows she worked with brands like Loreal Paris she’s also appeared on several magazines covers over the years. And in 2013 she made records after becoming the first-ever model to appear on four different international covers of the September issue of Vogue.

7. Emily Rotakowski

Emily Rotakowski’s net worth 11.4 million dollars. Emily got famous when she appeared on the controversial robin Thicke music video blurred lines and since then she has acted in films such as gone girl I feel pretty and Cruz but she is most famous for her modeling work and her at Emrata Instagram account. Since well she is attractive born June 7th, 1991 in London Emily was raised in Encinitas California which is near san Diego notwithstanding being shorter than the average model at five feet seven Emily started her modeling career at the age of just 14 years old.

6. Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima net worth 11.5 million dollars. The Brazilian supermodel Adriana lima rose to fame as victoria’s secret angel from 1999 to 2018. She has also been named the most valuable victoria’s secret angel at the age of 15 lima got the title ford supermodel of brazil competition in one-second place the next year in the ford supermodel of the world lima’s career actually started back in 2000 when she appeared as an official guest girl and did several ad campaigns for that then in 2003. She entered Maybelline being a spokesmodel where she remained till 2009 in the same year. She was in the company’s first calendar and did an ad campaign for the swatch she collaborated with famous brands such as babe Armani Versace Bcbg and Louis Vuitton and her most famous cover magazines are harper’s bazaar l GQ arena vogue v esquire and french review these modes.

5. Carly Kloss

Carly Kloss’s net worth 25 million dollars one of the richest supermodels in the world Nowadays is Carly Kloss. She started her career in 2006 when she was 14 and by the time she was 16 she had already been in 64 runway shows which is why it didn’t come as a shock when she was named one of the top 30 models of the 2000s by Vogue Paris according to celebrity net worth the 27-year-old has an estimated net worth of 25 million dollars. Before we continue we need to mention that according to all of these amazing women modeling is a lot of hard work just like any job the modeling business has its pros and cons there are definitely the things that come with fame that models enjoy but we’re sure that the job does require a lot of hard work.

4. Joan Smalls

Number four Joan Smalls net worth 26 million dollars in 2010. Joan smalls started modeling for victoria’s secret and have been in the victoria’s secret fashion show. Since the model was first spotted by the British agency profile model management when she was only 15 years old and engaged in its new faces category. It should not surprise you that the American fashion model has a net worth of 26 million dollars. Since just in four years of her career she has moved from the department store catalog model to fashion’s most wanted models walking the runways of Jason wu donna Karen and tory Burch at new york’s 2012 fall fashion week she was the first Latina face of Estee lauder’s global marketing campaigns in 2011. she has done runway shows in new york London Milan and Paris and she has appeared on the pages of British french Spanish and our versions of vogue.

3. Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne’s net worth 28 million with many different streams of income. It’s no surprise that her net worth is so high Cara Delevingne is one of the most influential names in the world remember when almost every 20 and something female did thick eyebrows just because of her after all the trend is still here in 2020. So, if there’s a person that has the most influence on a woman and her eyebrows without a doubt it is Cara Delevine at least in the modern history of eyebrows she’s a model-actor. She even started a music career at one point there’s also the business work she’s been doing recently with her family and the social media that brings her a lot of cash with several ways of income. it’s no wonder her net worth is that high.

2. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid’s net worth 29 million dollars at just 25 years old. Gigi has a net worth of 29 million dollars this is thanks to her successful modeling career and brand collaborations in 2017. She was number five on Forbes highest-paid model list her sister Bella also appeared on this list and they were the first siblings to both appear there being the second-highest-paid model in the world surely comes with lots of pros Gigi owns a 4 million new york apartment in the fancy NoHo area where she spends most of her time together with her siblings Bella and Anwar. They have a combined net worth of 57 million dollars 45 million pounds.

1. Kendall Jenner

According to celebrity net worth number Kendall Jenner net worth 30 million dollars. Kendall Jenner is number one on the list with a net worth of 30 million dollars. She is the highest-paid model in the world right now but she is not the wealthiest Kardashian Jenner’s sister Kendall’s wealth is nothing compared to her sister’s wealth. Kylie Jenner is actually the richest with a billionaire’s net worth all because of her kylie cosmetics brand then there’s Kim Kardashian with 350 million dollars. while Khloe Kardashian comes third with 40 million dollars after earning money through a book sale and producing tv-series Kourtney Kardashian is fourth with 35 million dollars. However, Kendall rose to fame appearing in 2014 at a marc jacobs fashion show, and has never looked back. She was on the cover of teen vogue and she has worked for donna Karen vera wang and victoria’s secret.

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