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Top 8 Most Expensive Movie Flops In History | Flop Movies In History

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When it comes to films their creation budget and the assumptions for the movie’s profit some of them are not even close to the predicted numbers given the makers directors and the whole crew as a whole. So here are some of the greatest and most costly movies flop to this day. Here is the list of top 8 flops movies.

8. The Lone Ranger


The lone ranger production budget of 225 million dollars lost 98 million dollars. 2013 western from Disney reunited the dream team of gwar Verbinski Jerry Bruckheimer, and Johnny Depp after numerous high profitable Pirates of the Caribbean installments it was supposed to be a box office gold. However, the production ran into trouble and the costs escalated and it was nearly shut down even before the movie was released and when it was just slammed by the critics shunned by audiences not a total bust but as it got to Oscar nominations for visual effects and makeup and hairstyling.

7. 47 Ronin


47 Ronin production budget 175 million dollars lost 98 million dollars given the big budget for the first time feature director is not always a good idea and can turn badly to the production of the movie. Carl wrench is given a multi-million dollar check as a director that previously only in commercials and state-of-the-art interactive technologies in 2013 a year when it was given to him to direct this movie with a star Keanu reeves. It was expected to be a decent movie but instead, it turned out to be not so good and carl was even removed from the project during the editing process even before the movie was finished.

6. Stealth


Stealth production budget 135 million dollars lost 96 million dollars yes there is a movie called stealth. You probably haven’t heard of it because of its bad ratings a sci-fi top gun like a movie featuring rising stars at the time like josh Lucas Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel and also rob cohen. The director of triplex and the fast and furious very well-rounded squad, however, it didn’t pay off not even a little bit simply put stuff crashed and burned but it didn’t get the praise it was hoping for and was beaten by the likes of wedding crashers and sky-high expectations put high with no real production progress just the movie was a bust.

5. King Arthur Legends Of The Sword


King Arthur Legends Of The Sword production budget 175 million dollars lost 150 million dollars. This movie was probably best known for David Beckham’s cameo in it the budget rose and the movie was expected to be a hit although together with many other things that were featured throughout the movie. However, received a clunking 28 percent on rotten tomatoes when it opened in the u.s and was only able to amount to 25 million dollars of budget earned not a good figure for this kind of effort put into a movie.

4. Monster Trucks


Monster Truck’s production budget of 125 million dollars lost 115 million dollars. Most of the movies on this list are kid’s movies as they can be problematic for many of the directors and this one was purely based on a pun typical for its genre in 2016. Monster trucks were supposed to be the new franchise from paramount but after barely scraping 10 million from the box office they decided otherwise the premise crashed and we never got anything else following this movie.

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3. The Adventures Of Pluto Nash


The Adventures Of Pluto Nash production budget 100 million dollars lost 96 million dollars. Eddie Murphy in the movie one of the actors was a big hit in his movies in the 80s like Beverly hills cop and trading places the 90s the nutty professor and dr Doolittle and even in the 2000s he had Shrek. However, this was probably the time in his career as one of the downfalls with the movie the adventures of pluto nash a sci-fi comedy that cost so much and yet only got a five percent rating on rotten tomatoes and the expected box office earnings were as little as they could be.

2. Titan Ae


Titan Ae production 90 million dollars lost 100 million dollars this was probably the entry that killed the company fox animation studios to be precise. They ventured into space but collapsed 10 days later with the movie titan ae in 2000 despite the talent involved with directors such as Gary Oldman and don bluth. However, there was no saving for the movie as the whole project was just not good enough and all the actors of the universe would not have been able to save it.

1. Sinbad Legend Of The Seas


Sinbad Legend Of The Seas production 60 million dollars lost 125 million dollars not even Michelle Pfeiffer and brad Pitt combined could save this 2003 Dreamworks animated movie from drowning the movie was received very poorly managed to get some very few positive comments but the audiences weren’t interested in old-fashioned cartoons after the ripples caused by Pixar’s Finding Nemo that was released a few months ago thus the movie sank long before it could swim.


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