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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Taylor Swift – Taste of Country!!

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In today’s article, we’re going to talk about lesser-known facts about the pop phenomenon Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift has been breaking records left and right throughout her career although you may know the words to all of her songs there are still some lesser-known things about her that fans don’t know. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about the singer-songwriter.

10. She has the most desirable lips yeah you heard that right Taylor Swift has the most desirable lips in the world women want to copy the lip patterns of their favorite stars and this trend has seen a 12% spark within recent years. These augmentation procedures are called Kayla plastic cosmetic surgeon dr. Julian de Silva and Taylor’s lips are perfect. she has a gorgeous voluptuous pout and a beautifully shaped Cupid’s bow which so many women want the results are based on a survey in which Taylor topped the list with her ideal lips while Angelina Jolie came in at second.

9. Singing runs in her family the passion for singing runs in her family her maternal grandmother was an opera singer and she even used to host a television show in Puerto Rico. Taylor revealed that she’d always seen her grandmother singing around the house and she even used to sing in front of the entire congregation at the church on Sunday service. Her grandparents were married for over half a century they died a week apart and our major influence behind Taylor’s idea of a fairy tale true love.

8. She had an unconventional upbringing. Taylor was brought up on a Christmas tree farm. she shared the experience with her holiday song titled Christmas tree farm Taylor recalled the experience during her interview with Rolling Stone that she had the most magical childhood. she could run free and go anywhere she wanted this is the reason that she’s always excited about the holiday season and she continues to talk about fall through the Year.

7. She films her music videos in complete silence. Taylor revealed in the cover story for Vogue magazine that she filmed the music video for you need to calm down in complete silence the cast of the video which includes cast members from queer I Katy Perry and other stars had to wear earpieces during the shoot. This song was never played aloud due to security reasons same was the case as many people on the set of her endgame video revealed that the song was never played.

6. She was named after another singer-songwriter Taylor has gushed about it at several points in her career that she was named after James Taylor they both actually ended up sharing the stage during 2011. James Taylor revealed in an interview later that he was flattered when Taylor Swift revealed that she had been named after him her parents were really into music and they ended up naming her after him quite obviously it wasn’t her choice it was her mom and dad but nonetheless a great connection I think James said.

5. She wrote her album speak now alone Speak Now has been named as the best country music record of all time by several publications and the amazing thing about it is that Taylor wrote it all on her own she revealed that this wasn’t supposed to be that way this happened when she was on her fearless the tour she would get the best ideas at 3 a.m. and there was no co-writer around the time, therefore, she ended up finishing it all on her own.

4. She wrote a book when she was a teenager there’s no doubt that Taylor is one of the best songwriters of all time so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she can also go on to be a best-selling author. she revealed in an interview that she wrote a book titled a girl named girl when she was 14 and her parents still have a copy.

3. She’s definitely beautiful with a brain there’s no doubt that Taylor is a smart businesswoman but she was also a smart kid in school. she graduated from high school with a 4.0 GPA and she was homeschool because of her singing career but she ended up completing two years of her high school in just 12 months.

2. She has TV cameos Taylor has definitely got a knack for acting besides singing. she’s made many cameos on television, for example, she appeared in an episode of CSI crime scene investigation in 2009 but her character ended up getting murdered she also appeared during an episode of the new girl.

1. She has three cats being owned by Taylor Swift definitely has its perks her oldest cat is Olivia Benson named after a character on Law & Order. Olivia is also the richest cat in the world all thanks to the endorsement deals for diet coke and cats her second cat is Meredith Grey the named after a character on Grey’s Anatomy. she recently adopted Benjamin Button from the sets of my music video.


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